Virtual 3D Tours of the Winter Olympics

Byrne (No first name, apparently), Free Technology for Teachers, Jan 19, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

We have been just inundated with Olympic hype here, so you won't hear much about them from me. I remember the Calgary Olympics in 1988 - I was living in the city when they won the bid, and came down from Edmonton during the games to watch some hockey. They were boisterous and exuberant, but very friendly and not at all in-your-face. The Vancouver games are being marketed (heavily marketed) the Opposite way. Forget friendliness. Now we're going to "own the podium" and shout with almost militaristic national pride. That's not for me, and actually, I'm embarrassed about the whole CTV 'Believe' campaign. But I do want to share this link to a 3D version of the Olympics. Vancouver is a wonderful city and I know it well and enjoy sharing that. Meanwhile, so far as the Olympics are concerned, I'm seriously considering cheering for France. Or Andorra. Or...
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