Learning Styles Theory Versus Sustained Hard Work

Steve Hargadon, Weblog, Jan 08, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Again with the mantra against learning styles - but what about the evidence that they exist (pictured)? The dilemma posed in Hargadon's title is a load of hogwash - and as nearly as I can tell, simply a fancy way to blame students for all their failings (very handy when statistics show it is the poor and disadvantaged who are mostly failing). But oh! If they just worked harder (their teachers too! let's make them non-union) then everything would be fine. Tom Hoffman writes, "I don't actually have a point about learning styles, except to say that indeed, the hackneyed version that trickles down through professional development lectures to mandated lesson plan requirements is indeed hackneyed. But the truth is out there, and it is subtle and complex." True. But I do have a point, and it's that this anti-learning styles campaign is political, not scientific.
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