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A huge new report from Morgan Stanley analyzes in great detail the mobile internet. They focus on a convergence of five major factors: 3G + Social Networking + Video + VoIP + Impressive Mobile Devices (personally I don't think 3G is fast enough, and there are already congestion problems, but coming 4G technologies will provide the needed bandwidth). The report argues, "we believe more users will likely connect to the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs within 5 years." This is probably true, and as the report states, because of the prevalence of existing billing methods, commercialization will occur a lot more quickly (of course, this is why there's such a push for the mobile internet, and away from that horrible mostly free desktop internet). You can view for free the short (82 slides) slide show, the long (659 slides) presentation, or the 424 page report. Via Gary Woodill.

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