Ideals or ideologies - open minds and mouths

Frances Bell, Weblog, Dec 31, 2009
Commentary by Stephen Downes

More responses to the openness debate, and my advice is apparently not good as a life prescription. Frances Bell writes, "we shouldn't try to close down discussion whilst the most significant beneficiaries haven't even seen the table. We need to hear what they have to say - how do those deprived of education lend their voice to a dialogue of change." George Siemens, meanwhile, after asking for radicalism in open education, caves to the other side and proposes a system of measuring degrees of openness (it's kind of like saying a hat that costs $39.95 is "more free" than a hat that costs $595.00). Jim Groom (correctly) casts the emergent debate as one where systems and institutions are formalizing (and appropriating) behaviours that more properly belong in "grassroots, reciprocal relationships amongst people invested in their immediate situation and working for change within and through a conversation." David Wiley responds and accuses me (incorrectly) is misreading him.
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