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One of the things I do - and I do it very deliberately - is to separate the streams of my content. So I have this newsletter, in web, email and RSS format, in Daily and Weekly, along with various other blogs and websites. Tweetmeme doesn't really work for me because there's no one thing that is 'my blog' for Tweetmeme to count. Because, for me, it's not about amassing an audience but rather forming connections. So, my blog could 'survive' without Twitter because there is no particular entity that needs to 'survive' (it's sort of like asking me, "could your email survive without Twitter?" - which is, on the face of it, a meaningless question). People who focus on size of audience, impact via Tweetmeme, or similarly mass-based metrics, are working with an old-media paradigm, which is about broadcast rather that network. They see their influence as measured by echo or repetition - things like retweets, for example - rather than through participation in things that are genuinely larger (and more important) than themselves. Related: Rethinking blogging.

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