Access to Open Educational Resources

Various authors, UNESCO, Oct 25, 2009
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Wiki publication (there's also a PDF version) summarizing discussion from the community held in February and March 2009. "Part One gives an overview of the various constraints that limit access to OER, while Part Two documents some tested or proposed solutions or approaches. The access challenges and solutions identified may justify further exploration and follow-up action - proposals for which can be found in Part Three."

The publication is worthwhile for collecting a number of stories of open access along with some case studines, including the Connectivism and Connective Knowledge course offered by George Siemens and myself. Interestingly, a proposal suggests a sort of super-Miro application to facilitate the upload and distribution of learning resources.

Finally, probably the most important part of the document is the articulation of three freedoms defining open educational resources:
- Legal freedom, which embodies licensing
- Technical freedoms, which include the freedom to download, to disaggregate easily, to move an OER around and to obtain different versions
- Cultural freedom, which might well be called educational freedom.
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