Using technology to improve the cost-effectiveness of the academy

Tony Bates, Weblog, Oct 14, 2009
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Two part article (Part One, Part Two) from Tony Bates that looks critically at the future of universities (and you will definitely see the influence of Sir John daniel there). Bates's model for a university of the future includes:
- Abolition of the semester system
- Courses will be built around learning outcomes
- Strong emphasis on collaborative learning
- Focus on getting students to do the work: finding material, organizing it (etc)
- Large undergraduate courses will be designed and delivered by a team
- Classes will be broken down into small groups of 20-30 students
- Assessment methods willbe through ‘proof of learning'
- Ph.D. students will receive up to six months training in teaching and learning
- Most universities will belong to consortia to allow for automatic credit transfer
- Costs will be driven down
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