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Fractal learning

Oct 12, 2009

I don't think this is just right, I think this is exactly right: "In the digital world, entropy is information overload and order is the pattern that emerges from the interconnection of such information. Knowledge is like a hologram. In holograms, even smaller pieces of it include the picture of the whole object. Knowledge is like a hologram. The experience changes as your point of view towards the object changes. The knowledge is not in a single image, but distributed on a network. This is pattern recognition. And it's the culmination of fractal learning."

As I once said, that's what this newsletter is. It consists of thousands of individual posts, each related to the other and cross-liked and cross-referenced. It is an extended treatise on knowledge, learning and community. And it is written in the form of a hologram. Each person sees the same works, but approaches them from a slightly different direction, seeing slightly different patterns in the posts, and when they, in turn, interact later, they create something new.


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