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I have followed the development of eLearning learning with interest. Much like my own site, eLearning learning intends to collect resources from a number of different sources to provide a single (and hopefully useful) access point. This latest plan to come from Elearning Learning incorporates some things I have been talking about recently, such as events. But more importantly, it points to the big difference between Edu_RSS and OLDaily. Edu_RSS, the aggregator I have run off and on ovber the years, is fully automated. OLDaily is curated - you get the intervention of yours truly selecting items, animating them, and putting them into context. So far, eLearning Learning has been mostly an automated service. But it will need curators. And the question comes up - can eLearning Learning succeed as a commercial venture with curators? Will it pay curators? Can it rely on volunteers?

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