Heal for America?

Joanne Jacobs, Weblog, Sept 14, 2009
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I suppose it is proposed seriously, but it is not hard to understand the objections to the idea of hiring unqualified people out of university to work as doctors and nurses, paying them substandard wages, and making them work extra hours and to take additional motivational sessions in the evenings. But perhaps medicine is too complex, and really, such a plan would only work for simple tasks, like teaching. But what about other simple tasks. How about 'Plumbers for America' where we send unqualified, underpaid and overworked plumbers into the homes of poor people nationwide? Or 'Farmers for America', where we get a bunch of city folk to take over the task of feeding the nation? Or how about 'Pilots for America', where we replace those annoying unionized pilots with people who have seen nothing of an airplane except business class (and, of course, the airport lounge)?
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