Stanford's STEP Teacher Education Program, Social Justice and Dressing in Drag

Matthew K. Tabor, Weblog, Jul 29, 2009
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Um, wait a sec. Backup. An education student at Stanford was questioned because of the opinions expressed in her blog. The Washingrton Post's Jay Matthews wrote, They messed with the wrong blogger. "They appeared to have decided her anti-progressive views were disrupting their classes, alienating other students and proving that she and Stanford were a bad fit." Oh, it's all so unfair, conservative bloggers being subject to scrutiny when seeking positions in a progressive teaching program. Yeah. Well, try blogging as a communist while working at a bank. People don't get hearings if they don't toe the party line, they just get fired. Maybe the free market capitalists should get their own house in order before complaining about how progressive teacher education schools run their programs.
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