D2L Ltd. et al v. Blackboard, Inc.

Various authors, RFC Express, Jul 08, 2009
Commentary by Stephen Downes

D2L has sued Blackboard. I have no details because I'm not willing to pay for the information (oh hey, David (Wiley), here is a classic example of how information that is free (the complaint) which is published commercially (here) is available only for a cost. Get it directly from the government? Nope. You get blocked. This is where CC By takes us.) Still waiting for the stuff to be posted on D2L's site. Update: Here's the D2L post (I beat it by one minute - heh). It's a pre-emptive strike: "Plaintiffs request a judicial declaration that they do not infringe any valid and enforceable claim of U.S. Patent No 7,558,853."
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