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I said it on Twitter this afternoon and I'm saying it here this evening. I am formally declaring web 3.0 to have arrived. Web 3.0 (someone (probably O'Reilly) will probably trademark some unique name for it) is not the semantic web, and it's not the 3D web. It's what we see in Opera Unite (and especially when combined with what we see in Google Wave). And what we see, crucially, is your web browser acting as a web server. You might think, who cares? But it's a game-changer. Ann that stuff we depend on web 2.0 service providers for - social networks, shared documents and photos, chat rooms, etc. - we can run off our own desktop with no special knowledge. We will (eventually) be able to host our own (Google) waves. Now Unite is not yet ready for prime time - my experiments with the chat application were unbearably slow. But the threshold has been crossed. The web will never be the same. More from Wired, George Siemens, Brian Kelly, and Mashable.

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