Conference Board Ignored Independent Study Commissioned For Digital Economy Report

Michael Geist, Weblog, May 27, 2009
Commentary by Stephen Downes

In preparation for its report on copyright laws, the Conference Board of Canada hired University of Ottawa law professor Jeremy de Beer to conduct a study. While the Conference Board's report parroted American reports criticizing Canada's system, de Beer's report reached quite different conclusions. de Beer's report was not only ignored by the Conference Board, they prohibited publication for twelve months, a period that has just expired. de Beer's writes (PDF), "Canada's laws governing IPRs are internationally recognized to be very good... Some reports blacklist Canada for failing to live up to expected standards for IPRs. Such sources have been exposed as lacking credibility." (Via SSRN). And the data that do appear in the report aren't even real; they are based on unsubstantiated estimates. (The acronym 'TPN', by the way (used but never defined) stands for 'Technical Protection Measure'. See here). Also, related, the government admits to contributing to the report.
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