McLuhan On The Future of Education: The Class of 1989

Norm Friesen, Weblog, May 11, 2009
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Norm Friesen has scanned and posted this vintage McLuhan article from a 1967 issue of Look magazine. Well worth a read, and you probably can't find it anywhere else. "one of the most astonishing things is the similarity of many arguments made by McLuhan in 1967 to those still made today, 42 years later:
* that schools are as outmoded as the mass production model on which they are based; and that forms of 'mass customization' promise a radically different educational approach
* that 'the demands, the very nature of this age of new technology and pervasive electric circuitry... will [unavoidably] shape education's future'
* that 'the walls between school and world will continue to blur'
* that 'Future educators will value, not fear, fresh approaches, new solutions.'"
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