What City Should You Live In?

Various authors, Website, Mar 18, 2009
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Geetha Krishnan created then deleted a post linking to this quiz (it showed up in my RSS feed, but was gone when I went to look at it). According to the survey, he - and I - should live in New York City, which is exactly wrong for me. Anyhow, the payoff comes at the very end of the quiz, when it offers to publsih the results in my Facebook feed. I can also Tweet the result or post it to Digg. That's very elegant. Not that I would publish this silly and inaccurate survey to my account, but I might publish something creative. Of course, what I want is for things like this to figure out who I am (via my OpenID, or better, mIDm in my browser header) and post it to my website, not some commercial space owned by Zuckerberg or Williams. How hard could that be?
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