Access2OER/Your Solutions

Various authors, UNESCO, Feb 19, 2009
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The discussion at the UNESCO forum on open educational resources has stalled. During this second week participants have been asked to submit examples and models of successful practice in providing open access. I know there are stories out there: I've covered them here. WikiEducator. OpenCourseWare. David Wiley's Open Courses. The K-12 Online Conference. Ed Tech talk. And dozens and dozens more. But all they've received thus far is my submission, a link from Teemu Leinonen, global grid for learning, and something submitted by the moderator, the RECOUP model. That's it. It's unfortunate. Please take a few minutes and write a submission. If you want, you can use the Template for OER Success Stories and write a paragraph for each item. Then send it in, either to the discussion list, to the moderator, or to me - I'll pass them along. We are the open access community, and we need to speak up now.
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