Various authors, Website, Feb 17, 2009
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Here's what I wrote them: "Hiya Trackle People, First of all, my complements on your prelaunch publicity, which has been impressive. You owe your media company a bonus. Second, you can't do 'local news' in Trackle by zip code. The majority of your uses will be located outside the United States, and hence will not have zip codes. You have left people like me (living in Canada) no means whatsoever to track local news. Third, is there a way to create Tracklets? The volume of them suggests you have a mechanism. I think that allowing people to create custom Tracklets would be a game-breaker. Especially if you created a Trackle API that allowed them to be inserted from remote applications." Via Jane Hart, who will in turn have seen it in either New York Times, Yahoo Finance, Washington Post, ReadWriteWeb, CNET or TechCrunch - Come on, Jane - it's time to start citing your sources.

Update - Here's what they replied, just a few hours later: 'Hi Stephen, Thanks for your comments. We do understand our limitations vis-a-vis usage outside of the US. As we gather content providers to work with that can help us meaningfully offer the full repertoire our services outside of the US, we will take the current restrictions away. Yes, you are right. We do have a platform coupled with a publishing interface that we would like to offer the world at large to build tracklets relatively soon. Thanks again for your feedback. Best, Naveen Saxena, CTO/Co-founder."
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