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2008 Access Statistics

Late December, 2007, I set up an access log function. And then forgot about it. It is now 5.5 million lines long and more than 500 megabytes. I have to delete it. But not before parsing it to find out what people were reading last year. Note that this list under-reports hits on posts, because most reads from OLDaily are directly to the article in question, and not via the website.

Top 10 Articles

How to Create an RSS Feed With Notepad, a Web Server, and a Beer (46420)
An Introduction to Connective Knowledge (20777)
Resource Profiles (12995)
E-Learning 2.0 (9973)
Models for Sustainable Open Educational Resources (9533)
Principles for Evaluating Websites (8168)
Things You Really Need to Learn (7860)
How to Write Articles and Essays Quickly and Expertly (7567)
How To Be Heard (6954)
Seven Habits of Highly Connected People (5223)
The Semantic Social Network (5195)

Top 20 Posts

The Blue Book: A Consumer Guide to Virtual Worlds (32145) Unattributed, Association of Virtual Worlds
Cuil (17035) Various Authors, Website
Google Chrome (10474) Scott McLeod, Google
Introducing Edupunk (8749) Leslie Madsen Brooks, BlogHer
2009 Predictions (8472) Raj Boora, EDITing in the Dark
Download YouTube Videos As MP4 Files (4396) Ionut Alex Chitu, Google Operating System
Stockhouse (4155) Jennifer Griffin, Website
Travian (2757) Various Authors, Website
SeeqPod (2695) Various Authors, Website
Creepy Treehouse (2126) Barbara Fister, ACRLog
Should Teachers Adjust Their Teaching to Individual Students' Learning Styles? (2022) eduwonkette, Weblog
Blackboard Awarded Patent on e-Learning Technology (2017) Press Release, Blackboard
Robert F. Kennedy (1811) Various Authors, Wikipedia
Vixy (1786) Various Authors, Farside Inc.
Human History Is Additive NOT Subtractive! (1773) Wayne Hodgins, Off Course-On Target
EduSpaces Shutting Down (1643) Unattributed, EduSpaces
gRSShopper (1643) Stephen Downes, gRSShopper
2008 Beijing Olympics (1581) Various Athletes, Olympics
Professor Pans 'Learning Style' Teaching Method (1502) Julie Henry, The Telegraph
Wikipedia & Edupunk (1502) Dave Warlick, 2 cents worth
Quick Quiz: What New Web Tool Can You Use and Get an ASUS? (1465) Alan Levine, CogDogBlog

Total: 5568035 posts read

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