Where's That Line Between True Democracy And Mob Rule?

Michael Masnick, TechDirt, Jan 01, 2009
Commentary by Stephen Downes

A furor has erupted on Digg his week. On Monday, a reader posted visual evidence of a power user submitting an exact copy of an earlier post - and getting 3000 diggs while the original user received almost none. The resulting comment thread has more than a thousand reactions. Typical is this: "This is why many Digg users have stopped submitting, they know it is highly unlikely their submissions will make the front page no matter how good their content is, but a power Digg user can submit something dumb like a photoshopped picture of pac-man at a graveyard and it will rise to the top." The complaints prompted Kevin Rose to offer a (highly unsatisfactory) personal response. More from WebProNews.
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