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Wikipedia - the Dark Side

Dec 05, 2008

This refers to an ongoing dispute between a writer and editor of philosophy entries, Peter Damian, and a Wikipedia editor and critic, FT2 (both names appear to be pseudonyms; the only Peter Damian I can find is an eleventh century monk, and no actual credentials are presented in Peter Damian's case). The main focus revolves around the question of whether the article on neurolinguistic programming should be deleted, Damian arguing that it is merely an extended advertisement for a pseudoscience. While I am sympathetic with each side of the argument, neither proponent appears particularly forthcoming. The article as it stands in Wikipedia is (more or less) acceptable. The alternative, apparently authored by Damian, is not. That said, I don't think Damian succeeds in his own defense. All of this is fascinating reading that kept me occupied for a good hour this morning.


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