Microsoft Outlook

Various authors, Mircosoft, Dec 02, 2002
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Today's newsletter is a tribute to Microsoft Outlook. Well, maybe not a tribute. After discovering that my old copy of Outlook wouldn't run on my new XP computer (it decided that I am a software pirate even though I bought and paid for my copy with cold hard cash), I went out and bought a new copy, which, when I installed it Saturday, promptly failed to connect to the Exchange server. Not that that would have helped, because a few hours later (so I am told) our computer staff upgraded the NRC exchange server. It hasn't worked since. So I have been without email for more than 48 hours now (and counting). So if you are waiting for me to send something to you, don't hold your breath. I cannot read or write email. Now you may be wondering, how is it that I can send OLDaily? It turns out that my few lines of Perl code is much, much more reliable than Microsoft Outlook. At that, may I say, sums up the state of computing technology today in a nutshell.
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