Blog Action Day

Various authors, Website, Oct 15, 2008
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Today, October 15, is 'Blog Action Day', and as a result, numerous blogs (including dozens of edublogs) are running articles and resources on poverty. I am very sympathetic with the objective and have a long history of advocacy of measures and programs that would relieve the suffering of those who, for whatever reason, want for the material well-being necessary for a meaningful life. What I don't think is that this is something that can be left to the fickle and ever-more selfish efforts of charities or the free market. If you genuinely want to alleviate poverty, both locally and around the world, vote for, and support, governmental efforts to alleviate poverty. Tossing $10 in a bin hardly makes up for a cast ballot that enshrines greed and inequity into law.
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