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Dave Cormier describes the set-up of our CCK08 course and how he has seen its deployment one fourth of the way through (three weeks out of twelve). He's in a very good place to judge: he's not offering the course himself, but he has an insider's view as a key provider of our Friday conversations. I appreciate his criticisms, but I'm beginning to feel that the criticisms - all of them, not just from Dave - are taking the same form: that there is some way P in which traditional courses are prescriptive, people miss that P in the Connectivism course, therefore, the connectivist course should have P. I don't know - it just seems to me that experienced educators (who form the bulk of our enrollment) should be able to organize their own learning. There's a learned dependency here that people will need to overcome in order to learn for themselves in an increasingly information-rich environment.

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