On the Three Parts of Open Education

D'Arcy Norman, Weblog, Sept 30, 2008
Commentary by Stephen Downes

OK, I think D'Arcy Norman has hit a new low in video quality. Even so, he hits on a good point, talking about the three parts of open education: open content, open access, and open assesstment. We've had the pioneering efforts of OpenCourseWare and related initiatives to create open content. The open courses ofered by david Wiley, Alec Couros, and george Siemens and myself have paved the way to open access. As for open assessment - well, I've commented on it before, and I'm sure many people are looking at models even now.David Wiley comments, "This disaggregation is already happening, and higher education will just pull itself apart faster and faster in the future."
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