61 Reforms to C-61 - Wrap-Up Post

Michael Geist, Weblog, Sept 17, 2008
Commentary by Stephen Downes

In a series that lasted longer than the proposed legislation did (Bill C-61 died when the Conservatives called an election) Michael Geist offers this remarkable set of 61 ways to improve bill C-61. It is worth reviewing the specific impacts on education (especially since both the Conservative and opposition Liberals have a history of favoring such legislation):

Educational Harms
Day 46: Education Harms - Lesson Provisions Only Extend To Limited Exceptions
Day 47: Education Harms - Lessons Include Special Infringement Provision
Day 48: Education Harms - Lessons Must Be Destroyed After the Course
Day 49: Education Harms - Lessons May Require DRM
Day 50: Education Harms - Lessons Contain Limited Definition of Students
Education Internet Exception
Day 51: Education Internet Exception Is Unnecessary
Day 52: Education Internet Exception Is Harmful
Day 53: Education Internet Exception Easily Avoided
Library Issues
Day 54: E-Reserve Provisions Less Effective Than Fair Dealing
Day 55: E-Reserve Provisions Require DRM
Day 56: Interlibrary Digital Loans Must Self-Destruct In Five Days
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