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School Wars

Gary Stager, Good Magazine, Aug 20, 2008

Quality writing from Gary Stager. Among other things, he writes:
- "The problem is that we do not create productive contexts for learning in which the needs of each child are met as their talent, interest, curiosity, and passion are amplified. The last thing we need is another sweeping top-down reform."
- "It's hard to argue against raising educational standards, but imposing uniform curricula and teaching practices leads to a paradoxical lowering of standards."
- "Perhaps the singular accomplishment of NCLB is the erosion of community support for public education."
- "I'm all for generosity, but I'm also for accountability. And I wonder, to whom are the Gateses and the Broads of the world accountable? They were not elected or even appointed, but their money is changing the ways public schools operate."
Stager also discusses the reaction in They hate me, they really hate me.

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