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It is likely that you would find Josh Jarboe's rap (language and content warning) offensive. But is the best response to that to kick him off the football team? Sure, the freestyle was pretty stupid. But has anyone at OU been listening to rap and hip hop recently? Jarboe was, quite frankly, tame compared to what's published and broadcast on radio and television. And I think it's a bit much to punish someone for emulating what he hears on commercial media, even if it rude and offensive. One wonders if it isn't the medium itself - a freeform milieu like YouTube - that has freaked out the OU administration, and not the content (which they must hear on campus every day). And maybe a little stereotyping too. I think the people at OU should deal with the issue like adults. Remember, students are still learning and still growing. Try teaching rather than punishing. Setting a good example rather than blindly lashing out. Just my view.


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