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Christine Martell reflects on the differences between "deep metaphors" and "surface metaphors", and the role of visualization. The metaphor of depth reminded me of the distinction made by John Biggs between "deep learning" - self-directed learning based on learner's interests - and "surface learning" - the memorization of facts.

Michelle Martin comments on Christine's post, and highlights Christine's quote from an article entitled "Why Don't Managers Think Deeply?"

In decrying the lack of what they call "deep thinking" among managers and especially those responsible for marketing, they suggest some things that get in its way. Among them are:

1. reluctance to take risk, especially when short-term performance is at stake,
2. the fear of disruption resulting from "thinking differently and deeply,"
3. the potential psychological cost of changing one's mind resulting from deep thinking,
4. the lack of information providing deep insights on which to base deep thinking.

A good discussion that is worth reading and commenting on. -GW

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