Net Gen Hype Talk for the Cloistered Bunch

Janet Clarey, Brandon hall Research, Jun 17, 2008
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The title of the blog, Net-gen Nonsense, doesn't exactly endear itself to potential readers expecting a considered view. But the author's promise to "attempt to place e-learning in a broad educational context [and] establish principle of consistency and contingency in theory" is at least worth a look. And people like Norm Friesen have been attacking the whole Bet-gen thing for some time now. Janet Clarey writes, "I really do think there are many conversations about innovations in education in the edublogosphere that are not scrutinized to the extent they should be." That's true, and Prensky's work probably falls into that category. But what interests me is not so much whether the Net-gen phenomena, as a descriptive hypothesis, withstands scrutiny, but rather, whether the descriptions of new forms of learning that often accompany such descriptions can be successfully applied.
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