Firefox 3

Jane Hart, Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day, Jun 17, 2008
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Jane Hart's pick of the day was pretty easy yeasterday - Firefox 3 has launched. I installed it on one machine, a Windows media box I (try to) use for film editing (unsuccessfully - the brand new Adobe Premiere Pro does transitions worse than $100 Premiere Elements, the video uploader converts perfectly good video to blank media on Google video, the machine (equipped especially to edit video) is missing .avi codecs, and the Dell XPS crashes frequently (actually - in the time it took to go from being a brand new machine to something that crashes a lot to a non-functioning brick (which happened today) my Linux desktop was rebooted once. Once! Because the power went out)). Anyhow, the new version of Firefox (which magically installed itself!) didn't run very well (somehow, I don't blame Firefox). More here with a link to BBC's coverage of the activity behind the scenes.
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