Dear Middle School...

Irishdancr, Weblog, Jun 13, 2008
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Every time I meet students I ask them whether school is still like this. Because, you know, things change. Except, in schools, they don't. This A student writes, "After punishing me for being a good dancer, a good student, locking me in the school one time while I was trying to do make up one of YOUR tests, and not even trusting me to get a book out of my backpack at lunch time - their exact words were, 'I'm watching you.' I have some of these teachers for years and you still call me Abby, or Nicole. Jeez, is it really so hard for my PE teacher to remember my name when it's written on my shirt???" It's the same experience Alex Couros had (of a type, anyways, that made him an edupunk) some years ago. Via Karoli.
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