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Students 2.0, Jun 03, 2008

I liked this post on edupunk, even if the author is a student depicting he adults as somewhat out of their time and place. So punk belongs to youth now, hm? And the 'edupunks' are illegimately leaving students out of the discussion? Of course, there's Serena, who writes, "As a student, I *have* been part of the EDUPUNK discussion since it started." And she interviews six students who also feel involved. Via Sailing by the Sound. Meanwhile, it is "with no small amount of personal embarrassment" that Tuttle SVC addresses the topic. I think his best (and solely rlevant) comment is his last: "The discussions of the musical and political strands of punk has been a pleasant acknowledgment that there were garage bands before GarageBand, folk culture before participatory culture, and revolutionary ideas before 21st Century Skills." Also, I like this line (which is classic edupunk): "It was then that it hit these people. Blackboard was never a learning tool."

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