Hyperconnectivity Study - Validating Our Thinking

John Roese, Weblog, May 21, 2008
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Is society becoming 'hyperconnected'? John Roese summarizes an IDC study commissioned by Nortel that examines this question. The answer is - tentatively - yes. "16 percent of business users are already hyperconnected," he reports, with the Asia-Pacific region leading the way and Latin America close behind. Social network adoption is growing in the enterprise (despite, interestingly, being blocked in many places) and "phones are more important than wallets and keys."

Roese, who is Nortel CTO, writes, "The strategy at Nortel has been to enable that communications integration in a way that the entire applications ecosystem can be empowered with embedded communications services. Imagine that any application that stores information or creates it can seamlessly interact with collaboration and communications tools and services and can do so in a unified way." It's the right direction, in my view, although it may be a few years before we see this playing out in full.

(p.s. gotta love the first comment: "Let me get this straight; you paid a company to 'validate your thinking' and voila! They validated your thinking!" I tell you, having a blog keeps you humble, even if you're a CTO (and that's a good thing)).
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