Constructing Knowledge Societies: New Challenges for Tertiary Education

Various authors, World Bank, Oct 11, 2002
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Report from the World Bank, which has had a long interest in knowledge management (and this document explains why). "Knowledge accumulation and application have become major factors in economic development and are increasingly at the core of a country's competitive advantage in the global economy. The combination of increased computing power, diminishing prices of hardware and software, improvement of wireless and satellite technologies, and reduced telecommunication costs has all but removed the space and time barriers to information access and exchange." In particular: social and economic progress depends on the advancement and application of knowledge; tertiary education is necessary for the effective creation, dissemination, and application of knowledge; but developing countries are at risk of being further marginalized because their tertiary education systems are not adequate. If you are on copper wires, be prepared to wait: this is a 232 page, 1.1 MB PDF file (that would have been about 50K in plain text).
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