Pearson Presents: Learning to Change

Pearson Education, May 19, 2008
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This video has been blogged on numerous sites. And it is definitely worth the five minutes it takes to watch, partially because a lot of what it says rings true, and partially because it is produced by Pearson, which means it's being shown to the suit-and-tie set.

But it should be viewed critically. Chris Lehman writes "now we have another 'Did You Know" style video. But now, it's been made, not by a teacher trying to shake up a faculty, but by a multi-national corporation that has seen a 60% rise in stock price since 2003 and a product line that includes a district-wide web-based benchmark testing program... There are a lot of ideas in that video that I agree with, heck, if you parsed that video carefully, you'd find some powerful similarities between many of the ideas and the keynote speech I gave last week. But let's make sure we keep asking ourselves how these ideas are being presented and who is presenting them... What should worry us is that Pearson -- and many companies like them -- are ready to sell us the product that they swear will move us there. And I, for one, don't believe them."
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