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May 12, 2008

Terry Anderson presented the opening keynote at today's event, a conferencing that is attracting an increasingly diverse collection of Canadians - and numerous international visitors - on the future of Canadian e-learning research. Anderson's keynote is available as an Elluminate recording (you'll have to download and run the Java application, sorry). We were told his slides are online somewhere, but I have no idea where - maybe somebody will put a link on the presentation page. Anyhow, the thing of most value that I got from his talk was a presentation of Axel Bruns on Produsage (originally Alvin Toffler's concept of the 'prosumer'). Bruns is the beneficiary of recent publicity from Henry Jenkins and a collaborative project with neocon Joanne Jacobs. Small world. Anyhow, I reiterate my earlier admonishment: if we get in Canada a research 'agenda' it may be exactly what we do not want. Caution, please.


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