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Stephen Downes, Flickr, May 08, 2008

As I said to my audience, I prepared for my talk Tuesday by reading Heidegger and walking around Montreal taking photographs. I also met with Seb Paquet and Daniel Lemire. I did this because I had a pretty good idea already of what the content of my talk would be, it being based on my writings on authentication and identification and on resource profiles. So I could allow myself a more liberal sort of preparation.

The result was three separate entities. One was the set of slides and the talk I actually produced, which was pretty basic. The second was a set of notes that captured some of my thinking. And the third was, of course, my set of photographs from Montreal. The theme of all three, from three different directions, is identity (you see this especially in the photos, which probably express what I was trying to say more clearly than the text).

I will have more to say on this.

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