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This is a good idea whose time has come. The EduBlogs Magazine is a compendium of what's happening in the world of Edublogs. In a sense it's a lot like OLDaily (which author Lorelle VanFossen seems to have not found in her survey of edublogs - guess I need to highlight it a bit more).I wish the authors of this new magazine the best - it's not easy to discover and organize what's happening in our field, and any contribution to that effrt helps us all. The RSS feed is here, for those of you who want to subscribe directly. More specific RSS feeds are also available. Related: also brand new is The Edublogger, a sister publication, contains hints, tips and techniques to support edublogging. It's bright and colorful with useful diagrams on useful topics (like 'how to create a link' and 'how to embed a widget').

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