I Think I Might Become an RDF Fan Boy (Again)

Boris Mann, Weblog, Jan 16, 2008
Commentary by Stephen Downes

A few demonstrations can put the RDF sparkle back into someone's eyes, as we see here as Boris Mann, who is involved mostly with Drupal, looks at the work done in RDF by Atro Bendiken. You will want to have a look at the diagram in this post showing how different RDF standards are interlinked together. Good stuff. Mann writes, "I've felt that XML vs. RDF is (almost?) a religious war" because "pointy haired bosses (PHBs) have memorized that RDF == slow and complex, and XML == fast and ubiquitous." To a certain degree this is true, though. Take SPARQL, which is "a way to do queries across data at multiple sources, rather than having to rely on the aggregate-and-query-locally." This is essentially federated searching, and is not a good idea precisely because it's complex and slow. That said, nothing in RDF inhibits harvesting - I harvest RSS 1.0 all the time - and RDF should be seen as working alongside XML, not in competition with it.
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