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The Pew survey is of Americans only, of course, and so there's no way to know whether the U.S. is leading a trend or catching up with the rest of the internet world. Still, the trend is a good one. Teens are producing more content, and "the survey found that content creation is not just about sharing creative output; it is also about participating in conversations fueled by that content." And, again, I think if people actually looked, they'd see that the internet is creating what is likely the most creative and literate generation in history.

Just found randomly following the DeviantArt link: Super Fun Buddy. A Tamagotchi with attitude. "This was my final for my Visual Computing class, so it took around a week to make. I've never animated anything substantial before in flash, so this was a real treat :] I made the music track in GarageBand, so don't bother asking what song it is." Do your students have 'visual computing class'?

Or how about this post from Dean Shareski describing those crazy kids and their YouTube. "Dan Pink is on to something. The kid didn't even use a camera. He took a song he liked but more importantly a lyric in the song and crafted a short but powerful message. Just messing around." Are your students studying video production? Shouldn't they?

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