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The impending closure of EduSpaces is still top-of-mind for many people. "The big issue for me," writes Graham Attwell, "is whether when a small company develops such a product and service, it should be supported by the publicly funded education community." And an explanation for the closure has finally been posted: "we need to pay our bills, and it has become clear that the educational community is not the best way for us to do that." Well and good, but on the opposite site of the world James Farmer, doing pretty much the same thing, is doing so well he quit his job at the Age and is working on Edublogs full time. He writes that EduBlogs is ready to pick up EduSpaces accounts and points to a tutorial by Alicia Wyatt explaining how to move your content. On my site we read in the comments that Learning Landscapes for Schools may be able to accept some accounts. Discussion of the closure is now occurring fast and furious on the Elgg site.

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