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The discussion concerning the Cape Town Declaration continues. This post summarizes some of the commentary (mostly of mine) on the unesco-oer list. See also Graham Attwell's earlier reactions (here too). Leigh Blackall also comments on the declaration and (mostly) the criticisms. See also his post on Ahrash Bissell. And also some of the interesting interactions between Wikiversity and Wikieducator. Also, Teemu Leinonen discusses the different kinds of "educational equalities" presupposed by different approaches to learning. He also asserts that CC-By-SA is THE license of the free/libre/open educational resources movement. Worth noting, then, that the Open yale courses are under a Creative Commons non-commercial license. Steve Lee comments. And via Peter Suber, this article from Eve Gray describes the process. Other links at Ed-Resources, including David Wiley's response to my criticisms.

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