Woogi World

Various authors, Website, Dec 08, 2007
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This website aimed at children is marketed as a safe environment where children ages 5-12 can learn and play. It also has a program: "To reach the broadest possible audience, Children's Way offers the program free of charge to any child between ages 5-12. So how does this business model work? By choosing to focus on balance, character and community service, Woogi World provides an opportunity for even the largest U.S. companies to invest their support without compromising the values of either Children's Way or their investors. The project is not commercial. No product-selling will occur in the virtual environment. As Woogi World is coming into public light; the existing buzz to 'give back to the community' is turning into an exciting roar. Corporations are joining the mounting momentum to sponsor on and offline activities that these millions of Woogi World children will be playing." I haven't found anything objectionable in the site, but I am always cautious about an alternative educational agenda, one that does not bear any public scrutiny or accountability, and particularly one designed to meet the needs of, and encourage donations from, corporations. Because I am always wary when the people with money, rather than the people as a whole, make decisions about the education of children. Via email from Nancy Willard.
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