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The Wall Street Journal, in its usual style, has posted a less-than-kind assessment of the One Laptop Per Child project and its founder (summary; see also how do we define success and criticisms from Doug Holton). This article is perhaps the best of the responses to what is at heart an unfair attack (criticisms of the rising cost, for example, ought to be explained as much by the declining dollar as by any design flaw - the price has been pretty stable in Canadian dollars). Among the best advice: "We should port to the other inexpensive laptops, if a country decides to go with EEEs or Classmates, we should be in there offering an EEE or Classmate-optimised Sugar + Activities + Content that they can load onto those machines." Related (and possibly explaining the WSJ attack): Internet Archive's Brewster Kahle rhapsodizes about the OLPC (aka the XO) as an e-book reader (see also today's Kindle story).

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