When Educational Resources Are Open

Judy Breck, Educational Technology Magazine, Nov 02, 2007
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Good analysis of what happens when educational resources are open (and, for that matter, why we want them to be open): "When educational resources become open into the natural intertwingularity of the Internet, their hierarchical tree forms, boxing into categories, and ordered sequences quickly break down." Creating open resourcs does not only change the structure of learning, or the structure of society, but it changes the structure of those resources themselves, and hence, of our understanding of what it means to know and to learn. "The only other place I know of where this kind of open connectivity happens is in your brain and mine. Ideas are patterns we connect from all sorts of parts and pieces floating around in memory and observation. The jump seems easy to make to realize that cognitive connectivity-thinking-is alike in many ways to pattern forming in the open Internet."
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