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I sometimes buy the paper version of harvard Business Review, though I think it is grossly overpriced. And I might get the current issue, the one with Dave Snowden's article on the cover. In the meantime, I will be satisfied with this interview with Snowden and Jon Husband. Ray Sims summarizes: "KM (knowledge management) got too hung-up on trying to structure what fundamentally can't be structured - note to self: include historical approach to communities of practice here, as well as the even more obvious 'the big library in the sky' approaches with their desire to 'capture or harvest knowledge.' If you are asking "how to create a knowledge sharing culture?," you really don't understand. It is a stupid question. Rather, ask 'what you can do to encourage and facilitate connections?' Leading to... the best role for a KM Director today is to help facilitate connections." Quite right. More here. And Snowden's article is announced on his site here.

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