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"The state of the art of LORs (Learning Object Repositories) in 2007," writes Rory McGreal, "can be described as functional and growing." Some interesting bits, including a discussion of DRM (when users encounter access restrictions, they just leave) and the reusability paradox (McGreal cites Hodgins's distinction between reuse and repurposing, but it is not clear how this addresses the problem). He also notes some of the criticisms of learning objects, countering with access statistics from Connexions and OCW (not that these are 'Learning Objects' properly so-called). The major deliverable in this paper is his typology of learning object repositories: "Content repositories; Linking or metadata repositories; and hybrid repositories that host content and link to external LOs." The fake link provided in the Handle record link takes you to a DSpace record, which is user-hostile; the link to the actual paper and table are hidden in the grey shaded area (lower right) and titled 'View/Open'. Or ignore the Handle and link directly (the way the internet should work) to the paper and the tables.

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