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This is an interesting series, with summaries of books by people such as Clark Aldrich, Karl Kapp, Willie Horton, and others, offered by e-LearningGuru. The first thing I noticed (I'm so vain) was that they didn't summarize my work! But then I realized, I haven't written a book. Not one with hard covers and ISBN numbers, at least - though I have a few ebooks collecting dust on my website. But I could have. So could lots of us. Why should the people who gave it up to the publishers be given special treatment? Now I don't have time to write these, but I'll make you a deal - if you write them, I'll post them here or link to them (whichever you prefer). Take a look at these to get an idea of the style, then do the same for your favorite e-learning blogger or writer. If you need ideas about who to write about, here's a few.

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