IEEE Trial-Use Recommended Practice for Digital Rights Expression Languages (DRELs) Suitable for eLearning Technologies

Various authors, Ieee, Sept 26, 2007
Commentary by Stephen Downes

IEEE Std 1484.4-2007 published on 14 September 2007. This standard is the result of work by the Digital Rights Expression Language subcommittee. Neither ODRL nor XrML became 'the standard'; rather, what you'll see is a mapping of 'best practices' to three digital rights expression languages. My own view is that it is too early in the game to propose any standard at all. But as I have commented in the past, these standards committees are heavily biased towards passage of proposed standards, so I think that a non-specific mapping might have been the best the committee could do under the scope set out by the rules. As is the practice of IEEE, the standard is unavailable for download; you have to buy it from them. But you may be able to find somebody who was on the committee who might email you a copy, as they have been given copies of the standard for personal noncommercial use.
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